Interesting facts about Yiddish:

  • Yiddish is also dubbed Idish, Jewish. The meaning of the word Yiddish is Jewish or more precisely ‘a Jewish dialect’.
  • Yiddish has initially started as the main language of most of the European Jews. Specifically, it started as a dialect of German among the German Jews, but due to the immigration of Jews to Eastern Europe and other parts of Europe it was changed and Slavic adverbs were integrated into it.
  • Following immigration of Jews from Eastern Europe to the USA, terms in English were introduced in Yiddish.
  • In its early stages, Yiddish begun as a spoken language solely while the written language was Hebrew, but gradually it became written as well.
  • Yiddish is written using Hebrew letters but is not subject to the same spelling rules. The main difference is in the use of vowels.