Transcription and record services

For the business sector:

  • Transcription and record or directorate meetings or other meetings.
  • Transcription and record of conferences and other business events.
  • Transcription of investigations.
  • Transcription for law firms and investigation agencies.
  • Transcription of interviews held by media practitioners.
  • Transcription for companies that record their conversations with clients.
  • Transcription of TV shows and movies for the TV or the film industry.


For the private sector

  • Transcription of different recording used as evidence in court or for preparation for a trial (we provide a designated deposition for which).
  • Transcription of interviews, autobiographies, contracts, verbal agreements, etc.


For the academy

  • Transcription of interviews carried out for research or different assignments, such as seminar papers, thesis, and PhD.
  • Transcription of confidential meetings.
  • Transcription of lectures.
  • Transcription of interviews carried out by researchers.